Frequently Asked Questions

When will the auditions begin?

Preparations are underway. Auditions will soon be announced. Stay Tuned.

How can I participate?

You can participate through two ways: 1. Digital Audition  2. On Location Audition

Each option will entail registration


What is the Registration Fee?

Our registration fee is Rs. 500 per person. 

What kind of performances can be performed?

All kinds of entertainment and art forms (Singing/ Dancing/ BeatBoxing/ Martial Arts/ Karate/ Taekwondo/ Painting/ Caricature/ Musical Performance/ Arial acts/ Skating/ Cycling/ Bodybuilding/ Body Twisting/ Gymnastics and many more )can be performed which does not violate our terms of service or risk anybody’s life

I had recently participated in a similar program, can I participate?

Yes. We encourage artists to come forward to showcase their talent. The participants can come to compete again. 

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