Hero Nepal

Rastra Ko Shaan

Hero Nepal is the Greatest Platform for Talent in Nepal which shows all talents in one stage

About Hero Nepal

Hero Nepal is the Biggest Talent Reality Show in Nepal where you can show all sorts of talents and performances in one stage in front of thousands of people.


Dance Performances of all forms can participate. You can go Solo, Couple or even Group

 Singing & Vocal

You can perform any kind of songs. Solo, Duet, Group, Choir along with other talents like beatboxing, ventriloquist & traditional music


You can perform different kinds of stunts- bike stunts, car stunts, gymnastics, bmx, tightrope walking…

Martial Arts 

You can perform different kinds of demonstration of martial arts, gymnastics, taekwondo, karate,etc

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Registration Opening Soon!

Hero Nepal is coming soon. Stay Tuned for the No. 1 Talent Show of Nepal.

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